Suis La Lune - The First Five Years CD

Suis La Lune - The First Five Years CD



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A song collection of legendary Swedish screamo band Suis La Lune, including 19 tracks, compiling all demos, EPs, singles and compilation tracks recorded during their first five years (2005-2010) as a band. Artwork by Takahiro Ukita (Of decay and sublime).

1. The feeling I get when you place your eyes on me
2. Dance red river, dance!
3. You owe me a photograph
4. Do you always taste like static?
5. Let the bastards come
6. Parts of Emily
7. So much for keeping it a secret
8. As concrete replace our hopes
9. Attempts to break
10. With wings of feathers & glue
11. September gave us awkwardness, October gave me nothing
12. The greatest actors keep on acting offstage
13. Can't believe I spelled it out to you
14. Förmögenhet
15. Friends
16. "Btw, that untitled song on your mixtape was for you. I wrote it when I missed you."
17. I don't want to be a part of this anymore
18. In a deep hole with clay and remorse
19. Postlude to five years of hurting



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